Blaze – an eco friendly hair salon in Leamington Spa.

Blaze are delighted to have signed up to The Green Salon Collective to increase the recycling of waste within the salon and reduce pollution of the environment.

We have over the years tried to improve procedures in our salon to encourage recycling and the impact on our environment and our carbon footprint.  For example, using single use disposable towels which biodegrade in approx 100 days!, we have swapped our lights to energy efficient LED ones, we use pressurised water Eco shower heads at our washing basins etc.

We love our new partnership with The Green Salon Collective who share our ethos and are committed to sustainability, reducing waste and helping the environment. We will be really making a concious effort to use our new bins to recycle the un-recyclable.



From now on most items of our salon waste will be recycled or used again. All hair cuttings can be made into hair booms and mats which can be used to absorb oil from waterways, be donated to charity to make wigs or added into garden compost mixes.

Colouring tubes and waste foil from highlighting services will be collected from the salon using either electric vans or carbon-neutral transportation and recycled or reused instead of it going to landfill and polluting our precious planet.

We will send to recycling instead of landfill all PPE, gloves, plastic lids, & single-use plastic.

We have also signed up with Pod Back to recycle our used coffee pods.