Lockdown 2.0 At Blaze

Lockdown 2.0 At Blaze Update.

Due to the recent Government announcement we will be closing our salon from Wednesday 4th November 2020 and hopefully be allowed to reopen from Thursday 3rd December 2020.

We will be spending time working with our team to arrange as much capacity as safely possible before the closure. We will do our best to be fair and accommodating, we value every single one of you and your support for Blaze.

Once we have taken the necessary steps with our team, we will confirm our plans and any further pieces of new information that appear overnight.

We will spend our lockdown 2.0 doing everything we can to return with greater capacity this Christmas. We want to give as many of you as possible the experience you deserve after a tough year!

Thank you for your continued support for Blaze throughout this difficult time, we will be in touch very soon with another update.

With our best wishes,

The Blaze Team.