Salon Covid Update

// Salon Update //


Following a risk assessment update, we will continue with our current Covid procedures for a little longer.

Blaze has re-opened and we are still operating the same sanitizing systems (please see below and previous news posts). The Government has updated salon guidelines and we are now allowed to serve refreshments in our normal cups and offer magazines again. We are howerever still having to operate at a much lower capacity than normal and our temporary Covid charge reamins in place until we are able to resume to normal working patterns again. We thankyou for your continued support.

Guided by our own values and the latest guidance from the UK Government and Public Health England (PHE) we want to create an environment that is both safe and welcoming. There will be a temporary surcharge added to your bill (£5) to cover the COVID 19 costs to make the salon as safe as possible during this difficult time.  This is a temporary surcharge and it will be going away once we are allowed to operate our business as normal and not have to purchase masks, disposable aprons/gowns/towels, sanitizing sprays, couch roll etc and all of our team are able to work side by side and at full capacity as at the moment we are unable to accommodate so many clients in our salon at one time.  (Government regulations dictate this for our industry not us).  It is a very frustrating time for small businesses and we thankyou for your continued support and understanding on this.

If you have any concerns regarding your appointment, please contact the salon on 01926 831478 or via email

Thankyou & we look forward to seeing you all soon.