We Recycle The Unrecyclable…Read On To Find Out More…

This months hair and foil off for recycling!

We have joined the GSC (Green Salon Collective) to recycle the unrecyclable.  This is our hair and foil that we are sending off for recycling.  We collected all of this in 6 weeks.

Blaze have decided we need to do more with our trash and this scheme suits us.  To find out more go to https://www.greensaloncollective.com/

But where does it go?  Well…..

Hair booms and mats

It’s no secret that hair absorbs oil — we’ve all had oily hair at some point!

It was this simple idea that led to the concept of hair booms and hair mats. An American hairdresser back in 1989 named Phil McCroy came up with the idea of using hair to stop the spread of oil in the sea.

​Essentially, a hair boom is hair cuttings of any length or colour tightly packed into cotton or nylon tubes. When placed in either water or on the shores of beaches, these booms will stop oil from spreading, saving wildlife and the natural landscape.  ​

Hair mats can be used in a similar way to the booms, they can be used on land, parks, gardens and even your street or driveway. Hair mats can be used for oil or water and there have already been great results seen when used by plumbers, mechanics, and in local parks.