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We Recycle The Unrecyclable…Read On To Find Out More…

This months hair and foil off for recycling! We have joined the GSC (Green Salon Collective) to recycle the unrecyclable.  This is our hair and foil that we are sending off for recycling.  We collected all of this in 6 weeks. Blaze have decided we need to do more with our trash and this scheme suits us.  To find ... More

In stock MoroccanOil 125ml for the price of 100ml!

Get the silky, shiny and healthy hair you've always wanted. Moroccanoil® Treatment is the product that pioneered oil-infused hair care and created the worldwide buzz on argan oil. The original foundation for hairstyling, Moroccanoil Treatment can be used as a conditioning, styling and finishing tool. Infused with antiox... More